Welcome to our collaborative. We have spent more than 15 years building strong relationships with the best in the industry, so we can share their knowledge and skills with you. Our team is more than just us. We are fortunate and proud to work with Australia’s most talented artisans, craftsmen and hard-working tradies. At the heart of every successful collaborative is strong leadership. As directors of MR. MITCHELL, Andrew and James draw upon a wealth of experiences and offer unique skills to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations every time. It is fair to suggest that MR. MITCHELL does not have a signature style. This is simply because every project is treated with a fresh approach, evolving purely from the existing environment and the clients’ preferences and aspirations. We create design that custom-fits your needs and desires. Our own egos don’t get a look in. We feel a bit old-fashioned at MR. MITCHELL. It’s important to us that you’re made to feel special, know that you can count on us and most importantly that we listen. That way, we all enjoy the process so much more. Maybe that explains why so many of our customers come back time and again, even referring us to their friends. Even though we get very excited about the creative side, we recognise that is important to have systems and procedures to manage each project with precision and efficiency. We won’t bore you with the details, but rest assured that behind the scenes there is a lot of paper work, phone calls and meetings ensuring we carry the work load for you. We believe that “what goes around comes around”. This is why we meet you with a smile, and make time in our day to take an interest in your life. Since establishing the business in 2000, special friendships have been forged with clients, suppliers and manufacturers. MR. MITCHELL is more than a business, it’s a family.

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180 Albert St
Windsor VIC 3181

Ph: +61.3.95338700

Great design brings people closer together. This simple philosophy is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve at MR. MITCHELL.


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