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David McMullen is a Melbourne based Interior Designer who heads up the team at David Mac Interior Design. David established David Mac Interior Design in 2010 with a primary commitment of achieving great design outcomes whilst at the same time making the experience enjoyable and “keeping it real”.

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P.O Box 748
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Ph: +61 4 1838 2902

David Mac Interior Design is Melbourne based design firm that specialises in working with their clients to create rooms and spaces of colour and character. David believes that his greatest inspiration for successful design outcomes come from the unique collaboration that occurs between designer and client. Establishing solid relationships based on easy communication and trust is without doubt the heart and soul of the business. David is equally passionate about gearing his advice to suit each clients’ specific ideals. This may range from those who want to make a statement and express their personality in a room, to those who want to slip into their personal space like an old jumper and trackies and relax.


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