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Anya H Interiors offers both Onsite Interior Design and Online Interior Design services and we are the only Design practice to specialise in family homes (ie we understand the 'sticky fingers' factor!). Anya herself has 3 young children, over 20 years experience in the Creative Industry with a Distinction in Interior Design, Institute of Interior Design, UK and a BA (Hons) University of Durham, UK In a nutshell, how can Anya H Interiors help you? The difficulty for many people is knowing how to achieve the right blend of styles and this is where Anya H Interiors’ approach to interior design excels. “One of my overriding objectives with Anya H Interiors is a desire to makeover ‘the interior designer’. The Sydney market is not a particularly adventurous one when it comes to interiors – there are too many mainstream suppliers with limited product ranges. On top of this, the ‘interior designer’ is still seen to a large extent, just for ‘the rich and famous’ coupled with concerns when it comes to ‘hourly fees’ and ‘open project’ arrangements. My goal with Anya H Interiors is to package up service offerings in a more palatable approach so that clients have greater understanding at the start of a project about what the end result will cost. At the same time, I don’t believe in imposing my own style on clients. I want to encourage more clients to take a more individual approach to defining their space i.e. integrating their own collections/eccentricities/lifestyle needs to add a more personal, unique stamp on their homes.” Anya’s design philosophy “I like to create spaces that feel collected. I’m a layering kind of designer in that I don’t just ‘do’ a room. I like looking around, finding interesting and workable pieces, then building from that.” Anya’s signature style “I believe clients have their own personal story. Frankly, I find it lazy when I see an Interior Designer imposing their signature style, and not responding to their client’s individual lifestyle needs and own style preferences. I am passionate about creating inviting, stylish and unique space for everyday living.” Please visit for further information or contact the office on 02 9399 3784.

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27 Renny Street
Paddington NSW 2021

Ph: 0438355002

Anya H Interiors is a professional interior design practice based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, known for designing interesting, inspiring and individual family homes. “I want my home to look finished, but I don’t have the time to do it myself”. Experience and vision from Anya H Interiors to create the space that is truly yours.


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